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Plastic Recycling is Out for China - It is Up to Consumers to Reduce Plastic Waste

As you have likely heard, China no longer wants all of the plastic the US has been sending. The audio of the full article from NPR is below.

Plastic is so problematic. It is difficult to avoid with all of the packaging that seems to go hand in hand with life in America and around the world. The National Geographic published an article about plastic and the Zero Waste Movement. This puts the use of plastic in the hands of the consumer. It may seem insignificant, but if the public puts their money behind the change they want, change will happen. Some ideas from the article for using less plastic are:

Stop Using Plastic Bags - While it is true that some reusable bags are made from plastic, they still help reduce drastically the number of single use bags that end up as trash in the ocean and in our communities. It is hard to forget the story of the young whale that died of starvation with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach.

Quit Using Straws - Straws are dangerous to marine life and a hug…

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