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The Heart Behind Raising and Processing Animals for Food in an Ethical Way

Based on everything I write, I'm sure you know I am not a fan of factory farming. In fact, I try to buy all of my meat products from local producers that I know take care of their animals and the environment. Often, even with smaller operations you wonder about the killing and the processing. Are the animals stressed while they wait to be killed? How are they killed? Are they getting GMO grains for finishing? It is important to ask questions because processing is a significant step in the ethical treatment of the animal and the quality of the meat.

That is why I'm sharing this blog post. It is from a wonderful local ranch in Arizona, Date Creek Ranch. I have purchased their chicken and beef, and it is amazing. This post really spoke to the heart around raising and killing animals for food. The author has to face these issues every day. I really loved what she wrote. I hope you enjoy it too. Please take a moment to read and share:…

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