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Grow a Complete Diet From a Biointensive Garden

I was listening to the Urban Farm Podcast recently, and was introduced to John Jeavons. He is Director of the Non Profit, Ecology Action. He was discussing the topic of Biologically Intensive Gardening and Farming. Here is the link to the episode:
Ecology Action promotes the use of biologically intensive mini farms designed to produce high yields in a tiny space. The concept seeks to address the worldwide need for people to feed themselves in all different types of environments.
It is important to note that this method has been in development since the 1960s and it has been shared and implemented around the world. Please see the history area on the Grow Biointensive website and the about section on John Jeavons Blog.
In the podcast, Mr. Jeavons indicated that through biologically intensive farming a person can grow a complete diet in 4000 square feet. The justification of biologically intensive farming comes from the current k…

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