Review of the Green Pinecone Lunchbox

I recently ordered two Green Pinecone Lunch Boxes for my kids. My intention was to cut back on our use of plastic. The lunch box is insulated so I can add an ice pack and ensure that food stays cold and is safe to eat. The three containers are perfect for a sandwich or salad along with some chopped up fruit, vegetables, granola or whatever creative ideas you can come up with. The containers are sealed so they do not leak. Everything is dishwasher safe so they can easily be washed with your other dishes and be ready for the next day. The best part is that the bag is bigger than you think because it expands. I am able to include a drink and sometimes I'll add one to two additional small metal or glass containers.You can see from the photos below how easily the containers fit and what the bag looks like after it is packed with all three containers, a drink, and zipped up. Finally, it is black with green trim so it does not draw attention. That pleases teenagers. Overall I feel like this was an excellent purchase. It has completely cut out our use of plastic zipper bags and it ensures my kid's food is safe. The stainless steel containers do not break or leak and can take being dropped. The bag is also easily washed by hand or on the gentle cycle in the washer. I would recommend this purchase to anyone who packs a daily meal.

Box the Green Pinecone Lunch box Shipped in

All Containers Inside the Lunchbox

Containers the Come with Lunchbox

Lunchbox full of all Three Containers and a drink


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