Live Consciously Idea #6 - Ten Tips to Save Water

Water is precious indeed. Having regular access to clean water is a luxury many people around the world do not have. According to the EPA, only about 1% of all of the water on Earth is usable by humans. The remaining 99% is salt water or permanently frozen. With the human population growing, we all need to do our part to save water as much as possible. I found this great infographic from Inhabitat that provides easy tips for water conservation. If you have additional ideas for ways to conserve water that people can do in their everyday lives, please share.

ways to save water infographic


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  5. Thank you for sharing these important tips with us! I think that water might be one of the most undervalued things there is in the world. We have grown up taking water for granted and it's not right. We all use water without really thinking about it. Hope this situation is going to change in the nearest future.

    1. I agree. I worry about our water supplies world wide.


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