Four Big Reasons You Should Worry About Factory Farming

Factory Farming is Dangerous to Your Health and Inhumane for Animals

Remember the saying, you are what you eat. The same concept applies to farm animals raised in factory farms. The issue goes deeper, however, because factory farmed meat is then sold for human consumption. If you are old enough to remember Mad Cow Disease, you have an idea of what I am talking about. Mad Cow Disease is fatal to animals and humans who consume tainted meat. It can occur in the wild, but it is very rare. It was a result of feeding factory farmed animals a supplement derived from other animal products to increase their growth. Antibiotic resistance is currently linked to factory farming practices. Growth hormones are also used in factory farming. In humans, growth hormones are linked to cancers. Yet, factory farms continue to thrive. Please click here for a detailed report on factory farms from the Center for Food Safety.  Please share the infographic below. We need to make changes for our own health and for the benefit of animals as well.

What are you eating - Four Big Reasons You Should Worry About Factory Farming? by Julie Morgenthal


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