Live Consciously Idea #2 – Compost

According to the EPA, food scrap and yard waste make up about 20 to 30 percent of what the average household throws away. These items take up space in landfills and add to the release of methane out into the atmosphere. Composting is a simple solution you can do at home. I wrote a past blog post explaining the process for those of you who want to take on composting right in your own back yard. For those of you who live in urban areas and feel you don’t have the room or energy, check with your local utilities division. Many of the big city waste management divisions offer some type of composting program. Here are several articles I found that address big cities and the composting programs they offer:

There are also private groups and entrepreneurs getting into the compost action. Many of these efforts involve picking up your food waste and bringing you back compost for your own garden. These are often dedicated to servicing smaller areas. So, if one isn’t in your area and your city doesn’t have a program, maybe there is a business opportunity somewhere in there for you J

This company offers a way for you to use your compost to run your gas stove.


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