Make Your Own Lotion and Cream

One of the small things I love to do with my kids is make our own lotions and creams. Since the skin is our largest organ, I want to instill in them the importance of not overloading the skin with toxins and chemicals. Making your own moisturizers also cuts down on garbage waste. We use small glass mason jars or recycled baby food jars for storage that simply get reused when we run out.

One of our favorite recipes is on the Wellness Mama website, Whipped Body Butter. If you live in a warm climate like I do, this cream can soften. Storing it in the fridge helps but I don’t always like to feel a rush of cold when applying this after a shower. So, this second recipe works better for me.

This one is also from Wellness Mama. It is their Homemade Lotion Recipe. The beeswax in this recipe adds to the firmness so I reduce the amount of beeswax just slightly. The photo on the site looks like they may have whipped it. I don’t take the time for this extra step so the consistency is really more of a salve (pictured below).

Homemade Lotion (Not Whipped)

Don’t be put off initially because it seems to go on oily. Trust me, it quickly absorbs and leaves your skin super soft. I even use it on my lips as a gloss and occasionally on my face around my eyes for extra moisturizing. Both of these recipes can be modified with different essential oils and base oils to fit your personal preference.

Since the skin is such a large organ, it is my general rule to apply the edible test with anything I’m going to potentially use everywhere or often. If it is not edible and non-toxic then it should not go on my skin. That is a general rule obviously as some skin issues require occasional medical or chemical treatments. However, I don’t feel chemicals should be part of a daily regimen. Both of these creams pass that test. I hope you enjoy them as well.


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