Want to Keep Your Lawn Trimmed - Get a Goat!

Amazon Goat Grazing Service
Amazon has a service where, in select areas, you can hire a goat to so some clean up of your lawn. It sounds like a good concept. Who doesn't want to look out their window and see a cute goat munching away as opposed to heading out on a hot day to start the lawn mower? The truth is goats are good for cleanup because they prefer some of the weeds and thorny plants that are difficult to trim back. According to California Grazing, "Goat grazing is a cost effective, ecologically sound way to clear land and promote growth of native grasses and beneficial plants, particularly for large acreages and difficult terrain."

Goats eat grass too, but they will not leave your lawn golf course clipped or patterned. They can keep it trimmed though and will leave behind fertilizer as they work. Grass alone is not really sufficient for their nutritional needs though. They need variety and may require supplemental feed if their grazing is too limited in volume or variety. Because goats are so good at cleanup, without proper fencing, they will move on to trimming up your vegetable or flower garden as well. You also have to be careful with non-edible debris. They will eat that too even if it isn't good for them.

Goats are becoming popularized on smaller city farms because they are ecological lawn trimmers. Some cities are more amendable to the idea of having goats than others. If you are considering getting goats, please remember they are social animals and it is best to not have a solitary goat. You don't need a herd, but you should get a pair. They also need a predator proof shelter and enough space to move around. The fencing needs to be well thought out and sturdy. Goats are smart and will find an escape route if there is one. Most importantly, follow the rules and learn the ordinances in your city regarding livestock. You would not want to invest in grazing goats only to have your animals seized.


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