The Beginning

I’ve always had an interest in natural living, but I always created barriers for myself thinking that I would have to move to the country and buy acres of land to actually achieve that goal. Not only is that unfeasible at the current time, I would also bring little to no experience to an adventure like that. Over the last six years, my passion for the idea of getting closer to nature has grown and I have become inspired by the new urban garden trend, the growth of backyard chickens, and my own quest for healthier foods and healthier products for my family. The more I thought about it and researched it, I realized everyone is capable of making small changes to get closer to the earth and create their own mini farm in the city. So, I’m currently growing some of my own food, have found a local supplier for grass fed beef and free range chicken meat, and have a small flock of three chickens for fresh eggs. I’m learning about integrating canning and cooking using basic ingredients into a schedule that includes a full time job and raising children. This blog chronicles my successes and failures along the way. Hopefully my stories can help you, entertain you, or at least give you something to relate to as you create your own mini city farm. 


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