12 Chili Peppers and How to Cook With Them

Red Chile Peppers
Chile peppers are one of my favorite foods. They are also healthy. According to Medical News Today, one study found that consumption of red chile intake reduced mortality risk by 13%. They are also versatile and they all have the ability to add a unique flavor or kick to any dish. In the southwest, we have the good fortune of seeing our chiles grow almost all year round. I have some bell peppers and jalapenos that have not not suffered one bit from the cold this year. In fact I have so many at times, they go to waste. To avoid this as much as possible, I've started roasting the chiles and then freezing them. This allows quick access to tasty roasted chile flavor whenever I need it. Since chiles do grow so well here, I've started to consider planting other varieties. My kids and I love Shishito peppers. Anaheim peppers also give an amazing flavor to chicken dishes and potato soup. So, I started browsing around for other chile varieties for my garden, and came across this great article. Check it out to expand your chile knowledge and possibly your chile garden as well:  12 Chili Peppers and How to Cook With Them .  Don't forget, if you buy chiles, choose organic. Peppers tend to have higher pesticide residues. For more information about that, visit https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/list.php#.WmURuainGUk
Please send ideas as to the chile varieties you prefer.


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