Live Consciously Idea # 5 - Plastic Alternatives

Plastic is everywhere. It is also convenient. I have been struggling for the last several years trying to migrate away from plastic as much as possible. There are so many reasons to do this. Plastic is an endocrine disruptor. According to The National Institute of Environment Health Sciences, endocrine disruptions can pose health problems like reduced fertility, progression or increased incidences of health issues like obesity, diabetes, some cancers, and endometriosis.  Plastic is also terrible for the environment, particularly for ocean animals. I have two previous posts on plastic and its negative effects on the environment. See, Live Consciously Idea #3 - Use Plastic Wisely and Live Consciously Idea #4 - Recycle Those Plastic Bags.


For food storage, I find plastic avoidance easier. I have invested in glass containers of all sizes (Mine still have plastic lids, but I figured this is better than having food come into contact with the plastic), mason jars, and sealed glass jars with the clip lid. Glass is easier for food storage because I can put the containers in the dishwasher without having to worry about additional chemical exposure with the high heat drying and the annoyance of melting plastics. Again, you should wash plastic lids by hand unless it is indicated they are dishwasher safe. 


The challenge for me is with the kids lunches. I did buy the tiny glass jars with the clip lid for salad dressings and other items. I can get away with glass because my kids are older. I would have never sent glass with them when they were younger. However, I’m still stuck with zipper baggies in many cases for other items. Part of the challenge is that I’m overly busy with life’s obligations and end up a little last minute at times, and then school size lunch boxes are often small. In looking for easier alternatives, I came across some ideas on the Wellness Mama Blog. She linked to a stainless steel lunchbox with dividers so I started searching for other configurations of this same concept. I love this stackable stainless steel lunchbox . My kids are at that age where the stackable is just a little too different. So, I considered this box. This smaller three compartment design is under 30.00 and measures 6"x5"x1.75".  You can also purchase leak proof containers to fit inside the box. My concern with these boxes was where to carry ice especially where I live and the size. This may not hold enough food for older, active kids. I think this would be great for elementary school though. Then, I found this box made by Green Pinecone. It is three stainless steel containers in an insulated bag. I ordered two today for my kids. I'll give you a review in a few weeks. Do you have any great lunchbox ideas or designs that you use to help save the planet and reduce exposure to plastic?

Green Pinecone Lunch Box


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