Live Consciously Idea #4 - Grow A Tiny Garden

Many people think that the only way to have a productive garden is to have a large outdoor space. This is far from true. You can grow many different herbs and other vegetables in small pots or mason jars. All you need is a tiny space on a patio, a window box, or even a spot indoors by a window. Here Comes the Sun Blogsite has a great article on how to use mason jars to start an herb garden. I got additional inspiration on gardens in small spaces on Apartment Therapy.

In Arizona, we have plenty of sun. In fact, my lettuce did terrible this year due to the warmer temperatures this winter. Lettuce is a staple in our house so I decided to plant lettuce in a tiny window garden to see if I could get some to grow indoors off season. I also planted basil and lavender in mason jars.

I love the idea of growing as much of my own food as possible. Not only is it extra nutritious, but it's rewarding as well.

Please share some of your own comments and images about your efforts to create a tiny, urban, garden. Also, check out the planters below from Amazon. I love the vertical hanging garden design.


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